Wednesday, July 15, 2009

City watering

I was fascinated by this water truck yesterday, watering our median on East Houston. It seems incredibly inefficient, but I suppose it's better than nothing.

The pressure is so hard that I was ready to catch plants blown out of the ground, and with the high pressure comes super run-off, so how much soaked in? The beast moved slowly, but not slowly enough, and I think the plants really got a sprinkle.


  1. So nice that you have plants right in the middle of your busy roads! Here in Newcastle we get planters on the pavements, often of supreme ugliness, stuffed full of multi-coloured garishness. You've inspired me to go out and take some snaphots of our local ones right now!

  2. it's wonderful in this time of tightened budgets that they made any effort at all to water...looks like he dumped enough water that it filled the gutters which then got splashed back up on the edge plants. I wonder if there's some way to reduce the pressure as it comes out of the truck, into a finer, softer spray...

  3. Yikes, look at all that water running into the road. It all looks a bit hardcore and industrial to me. Perhaps they should rather employ an army of little old ladies with watering cans, who would probably do much the same more efficiently and virtually for free?

  4. Some years ago I and others tried to get day-release prisoners (low security.Of course!) involved in garden programmes.First, there was a great wailing from residents terrified that mass murderers and rapists would attack them. Then the Unions got uppity because we'd be taking jobs from genuine workers.


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