Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cape winter and chameleons

My friend Marijke sent me some pictures of a wet Cape Town, from her garden (with new pond), above, which affords a wonderful view of Fern Buttress, an eastern flank of Table Mountain. I believe that Newlands, this suburb, receives the highest rainfall in South Africa.

Her garden chameleons!

A baby chameleon, below...

Cool pictures to peruse on a humid New York Saturday.


  1. Well, once again, just as with the elusive mountain stream crayfish that I spent years chasing and finally found in a Californian river (!) the elusive Cape Dwarf chameleon* is found and exposed. I knew it. 'Should've kept looking:-)

    (* but is it one?)

  2. Hey Vince! lovely to hear your voice (words). Yes it is a cape dwarf chameleon - I confess I only see them when I'm about to prune the plant they're sitting on, or when, after months of trying organic pest control (soap water) and the pests are decimating my citrus and I finally haul out the sprayer....THEN I see a chameleon.... and feel guilty to the bone. There timing is impeccable - works every time!

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