Sunday, August 24, 2008


This was inspired by a post at A Dash of Bitters...I had a lot of juice swimming around in a bowl of freshly chopped tomatoes, and it was around 6pm, that sainted hour.

So, equal quantities of fresh tomato juice, strained, and vodka (Grey Goose), in this case, not gin; a dash of pickled onion juice, shaken with ice. Garnished with a pickled onion. The scent was very strongly of tomatoes, and of summer, in a very unexpected way.


  1. I agree with genius. And I would know. :-)

  2. Hi Pritha: well the genius belongs to someone else, well told in the post over at A Dash of Bitters. My genius lay in buying the heirloom tomatoes and havng ice cold vodka handy!

    Beence: why, cos you're one??:-)

  3. No silly, 'cause I've witnessed it first hand!


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