Sunday, August 10, 2008

Three Good Things

1. Smoked salmon, smoked trout and buttered black bread for supper. With bubbly.

2. Old Acquaintance, directed by Vincent Sherman, 1943. Bette Davis to Miriam Hopkins: "There comes a time in a woman's life, Millie, when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne."

3. Between the Woods and the Water, Patrick Leigh Fermor:

"An owl woke in the wood, and a bit later, the sound of rustling brought me back from the brink of sleep. Stalks and wheat-ears swished together and two pale shapes scampered into the open, chased about the stubble, then halted, gazing at each other raptly. They were two hares. Looking much bigger than life-size, motionless and moon-struck, they were sitting bolt upright with ears pricked."


  1. Smoked trout and buttered black bread. You know how to talk to a Frenchman. ;-)

  2. Old acquaintance is a wonderful movie...I saw it last year and lapped it up.....wonderful.

    p.s. Bubbly goes well with just about anything but you already knew that!

  3. I don't often comment but, as you know, I read the wonderful 66 Square Feet (and Don Estorbo, of course) regularly. You might be interested in this programme, which you can watch online, broadcast on BBC4: Travellers' Century, with Benedict Allen, in which he retraces Patrick Leigh Fermor's epic journey across Europe. Link here:

    It's available online until 19 August. Happy viewing!

  4. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful evening!

  5. Beence - I have been practicing :-)

    LL - I loved the movie.

    Thank you, Flora's mom: I will definitely look it up.

  6. Hi Marie - Clarence & Cuthbert, who are very possessive, said please would I mention that I'm their mum, not Flora's, although Flora's - and Lennie and Sollie's - mum is a very good friend as is Trevor and Huwi's . . .so it does get a bit confusing. But enjoy the programme!

    Hope you're having better weather in NYC than we are in the UK, where my lovingly tended salad vegetables are rotting before my very eyes from the constant rain.

  7. Argh! Clarence and Cuthbert's Mom. I knew that. I knew the cheese-eating dog went with Lennie and Sollie! I blame it on the d.a.r.g. with the b.l.a.r.g! Apologies.

    Poor vegetables.


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