Saturday, March 2, 2019

Forage Picnic Prep

I am looking forward to Sunday's walk in Prospect Park. It has been an on-again off-again forage walk and picnic, playing dodgeball with the weather forecasts of the last week. But we will romp through the remaining snow just before another big front moves in.

I spent today making black trumpet mushroom and red wine soup, above. It is rich and meaty and 100% vegan-friendly. But you would not know it if you were a steak person. The pot of soup is chilling in the snow on the terrace as I type this. Ran out of fridge space. Peeled, cooked quails eggs are nestled in miso, and a pickled ramp cheese is draining in the fridge. It will go with lambs quarter and seaweed crackers*. I am contemplating the feasibility of transporting a hot chocolate sauce for dipping the spicebush madeleines, now fresh from the oven. (I inhaled one. They are a bit too big, but feather-light.)

Bring on more blizzard! We are ready.

* Ahem: these suffered a kitchen mishap. They are very fragile and let's just say they were dropped and are toast. So to speak. So I made mugwort crackers, instead.


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  1. It all sounds wonderful. Would you consider leading some walks in Central Va? I know a park nearby that i hope to explore this year. I suspect it is full of foragable (sp?) plants. Now, will i recognize any of them???


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