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About my Walks

I approach foraging not as means of survival, but as a cook, imbiber, and kitchen gardener looking for new and delicious ingredients and flavors. My emphasis is on both weedy or invasive plants (usually the target of mass-herbicide application), which could easily become commonly eaten and enjoyed vegetables, fruit or herbs, as well as indigenous flora whose unique qualities have been ignored by most cooks. In Forage, Harvest, Feast I offer cultivation tips for growing many of these plants as well as guidelines for responsible harvesting (as well as hundreds of recipes!).

On forage walks we discuss the do's and don't's of foraging, and we talk about culinary ideas and techniques for unfamiliar ingredients.

All plants - not just edible - are part of our mobile discussion. My goal on each walk is to tune the eye to the green details beneath our feet, so that we see the place where we live with newly appreciative eyes and an expanded sense of context.

My walks are different because I keep groups small, personal, and low-impact. I prefer conversation over a stand-and-shout approach. It is not unusual for new friendships to be forged over the course of a walk and a shared, wild-inspired picnic.

Public Walks - Walks are listed on this page seasonally.
Pop Ups - Join my mailing list for walks or small tastings at short notice.
Private Walks - Designed for you; please email me.
Gift Forages - Give a wild foods walk as a gift.
Identification - I sssess your land in terms of native/invasive, edible/poisonous.
Talks - Book me for tutoring, lectures, tastings, mixology or menu consultation.

Cancellation Policy

Credit is issued for a cancellation up to 72 hours before the walk.
After 72 hours you are welcome to send a guest in your place.
No show, no notice? No credit.
Bad-weather cancellations = credit towards any future walk.

Upcoming Events

24 February 2019
Prospect Park
11am - 1pm

I will be leading an invigorating walk in the wilds of Prospect Park. If we are lucky, there will be snow. We will learn to recognize the signs that wild foods leave us, so that we can find them again in spring (that's burdock, above). We will scratch and sniff spicebush twigs, read the stories that bark tells, and enjoy a (warming!) picnic as we stamp our double-socked feet.

Meet up and route-details will be emailed to you in the week before the walk.


Wild-Inspired Cocktails
26 February 2019 
5.30pm - 7.30pm

Join me at home for a taste of winter's preserved wild flavors, treats from Cape Town's summer vermouth and caper-making, and botanical conversation. Cocktails will be high or low octane, depending on your preference, and accompanied by a swarm of delicious snacks.

Tickets are limited.


Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge
9 March 2019
12pm - 2.30pm

Quite apart from possible snowy owl sightings, this shoreline walk - with the Manhattan skyline on one horizon and JFK on the other - features wonderful native plants like bayberry, juniper (juniper berries - really cones - are at their prime in late winter), and birch. Think hot toddy thoughts. Yes, there will be juniper in the hot toddies.

The refuge can be reached by car but also by subway to Broad Channel (plus a 15 minute walk).

Meet up details will be emailed to you in the week before the walk.


Inwood Hill Park
23 March 2019
12pm - 3pm

In Inwood Hill Park on the cusp of a budding spring the seasons cross from winter's clues to the new season's first tender greens that are beginning to wake up. The forested slopes are littered with delicious edible invasive plants and this large park offer us a chance to really stretch our legs, up and down and round above the Hudson River.  For our picnic, think mushroom soups thoughts.

Meet up details will be emailed to you in the week before the walk.


Central Park's North Woods
6 April 2019
12pm - 2pm

Microgreens are appearing (those are garlic mustard greens on the miso picnic eggs, above), shoots are now shooting, leaves are stretching, and the overwhelming flush of spring is on the point of bursting. Migrating songbirds are making guest appearances in these beautiful woods. A two-hour rambel will conclude with an early spring picnic.

Meet up details will be emailed to you in the week before the walk.

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