Sunday, June 12, 2016

Market table

What became of them? Well, the drink was drunk (makrut lime-infused gin and tonic - it tasted a lot like the Rose's Lime Cordial that my grandmother used to take in her gin and tonic before lunch on Sundays).

Strawberries? Mostly just rinsed and eaten straight up, while I watched a movie. Others cut in half and doused with some black currant gin to sit for a few hours before being scooped up with cream.

Leeks: Vichyssoise. Of course.

Onions. Hm. What happened to the onions? Oh. Chopped finely and mixed with cilantro and lime juice as a dressing for super-fresh braaied bluefish.

Asparagus. Steamed. Olive oil and lemon. A bit gritty - I should have soaked them longer.

What is at your farmers market?

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