Wednesday, June 22, 2016

After the weeds

Above, last August, when we moved to our new digs, in Carroll Gardens.

DIGS. Get it?

Man (Wooman!), I pulled and dug a lot of weeds. While being strafed by stripy-legged mosquitoes. And there are still daily dozens of morning glory volunteers. Neighbors don't let neighbors plant morning glories.

Above, this morning's snap, into the sun, with arugula flowers in front, more arugula and mixed Asian greens to the lower right, an invisible row of bronze fennel (transplanted volunteers from last year's fennel that moved with us from Harlem), purple basil rows, lush upland cress still going strong (to my surprise), red-veined rocket (fancy arugula), and bush beans and tomatillos beyond. Potatoes (left) will be dug in a  few weeks.

No garlic to show you. We have eaten all the garlic.


  1. Lovely. The only thing missing is Biscuit peeking through the fence into the garden.

  2. Leslie in OregonJune 22, 2016 at 6:36 PM

    What a well-deserved transformation! Best wishes with the morning glory. It is the bane of gardeners here in NW Oregon (although it is so satisfying to pull out an entire long vine, with cross vines, when the soil is still moist in the spring). It is hard to believe that anyone would plant the domestic variety any less invasive than the wild variety?

  3. Morning glory....arrgh! The bane of my garden. It loves the weather in the PNW and if it gets a chance will cover anything and everything. We've been fight a rear guard action for over 30 years and we still have it.

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  5. You harvested and ate your garlic already? I am growing garlic for the first time and I am unsure of when to harvest!

    1. Yes, Im also uncertain re: when to pull up the garlic. Marie, can you help? Also, you have a spammer with a funny topic! Cheers,
      Diane in You Know Where

    2. Some of ours did not develop fully and were beginning to soften at the neck and fall over, so I pulled those up first. The best ones had made scapes and had thick stems, so I pulled those last. Pull one up to see how the head looks.


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