Monday, June 20, 2016

Common milkweed recipe

My common milkweed bud lunch, yesterday, snarfed up with a pair of chopsticks. It was very, very delicious: salty, tart, a tiny bit sweet, luscious (if you have no common milkweed, broccolini would work very well, or young and tender green beans, for that matter). I needed some fresh pictures for my Gardenista article about milkweed (meals, myths, monarchs), so I prepped, cooked, shot and ate in quick succession. 

And then I started two liters of milkweed flower cordial, one liter of honeysuckle-lindenflower-elderflower cordial, two bottles of elderflower vinegar, and pickled two jars of field garlic flowers.

Happy Sunday, doing what I love.

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