Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ready, set, garden!

The week has been busy. Which is why I have not been here. Also, May turned into summer, like that. So I picked some of the Boscobel and the Windemere (white) that are flourishing in pots in front of our bedroom windows. They would have fried by the next day

Earlier I gave myself 45 minutes to garden inbetween other things, and set my alarm: charged into the garden in my denim dungarees (the best gardening clothes in the age of low rise jeans) and mowed down the bolting spinach and cilantro (eaten for supper) then spread 3lbs of pulverized egg shells (it takes 5 minutes in the food processor - lots of fine dust) and dug it in - still raising the pH.

Instead of tossing or composting the remnants of my mache plants two week ago I snipped them into bits and left them in a layer on top of the soil, and I did the same with the spinach bottoms, today - they'll decompose eventually, but right now are a much-needed mulch, as this soil loses moisture fast. Beneath them I planted 'Dragon's Tongue' and painted pony beans - both bush beans. I must still remove the fava beans - suddenly besieged by aphids. They are in the prime and the sunniest spot where the test tomatoes will go (back left of the central plot, below). Not sure that we have enough sun, but it's not bad right now - from now till August this spot will receive 6 hours, before waning. And at the back the tall tomatoes will not shade anything else.

My alarm sounded, I went in, showered, turned myself into a human, and headed to Manhattan. 

Back home, a box of books arrived - I have lots of reading to do. All I need is...time. 

If you have any to spare, I am collecting it.


  1. Two squirts of liquid dish soap mixed in a gallon of water and then sprayed over the plants with aphids should help get rid of the insects.

  2. it all looks so lush! guess the cool temps and extra rain were good for you - also here. keep planting!

    1. Love the roses and the vase ! You're cutting it close for the tomato plants...we had that about of sun for years(now 8 hours) and what happens is you get less production. Aphids on some of the rose bushes were a problem here until husband used something to get rid of them. Your patio and garden area looks great !


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