Friday, May 13, 2016

Lucky leaves

A Friday-the-13th bowl of green goodness, just picked from the rained-on vegetable plot here at Chez Mosquito. In the bowl? Arugula buds and leaves (I sowed the second crop just ten days ago as the first thinks of bolting), fava bean tips, pea shoots, sheep sorrel (kidnapped in a snow flurry from the Catskills last year and flourishing here) and my own mugwort. Yes, I know - it seems odd to grow a 'weed,' but I like having my own supply.

The leaves will help to fill Vietnamese-style summer rolls for tomorrow's Inwood wild foods walkalong with foraged indigenous Sichuan pepper (Zanthoxylum americanum) leaves, burdock root, winter cress and garlic mustard flowers. The rest will be salad for tonight's supper (with mushroom pizza). The mugwort is about to be made into a fresh herb salt for hard boiled quails eggs, another walk snack. The other tidbits include rolled pokeweed tea sandwiches with miso-mayo and mahlab cookies.

Now...will it rain? We don't know. If I have to cancel the Frenchman and I will have a pretty fabulous picnic.

The last walk of spring, by the way, is on May 21st, at Fort Tryon. If you're good, I'll bring prosecco.

Happy weekend!

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