Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Salad days

I love salad. And arugula is still at the top of the leaf list, for me, peppery and very nutritious (vitamin A, and loads of K - good for bones).

It seems that one of the best things about Chez Mosquito is that I might be able to grow as much salad as I can eat. Which is a lot.

The arugula and red mustard are being eaten now, and I sowed the rest of their seeds a few days ago, along with mesclun and radishes. The m√Ęche germinated very poorly (1%, maybe) and after a lot more reading I have realized that the soil needs to be much cooler for successful germination. I have sown another batch and ordered more seed, so we shall see.

Today's lunch was a happy one: toasted sourdough from the loaves I baked earlier in the week, just-picked arugula and red mustard, and Vinaigrette Germaine (very garlicky, as my mother-in-law makes it).


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  1. You've inspired me to try making my own sourdough starter -- following the directions from Stella bread. Wish me luck. Usually Brooklyn son has to schlep some of his, but its time to cut the apron strings.

    1. I'm glad! Give it a couple of weeks to get good and strong. My first loaves were leaden bricks, until I got a feel for the dough itself.

  2. I have been MIA for so long I've had to dig way back to catch up.

    Congrats on your new digs, your old starter and wishing you many happy days where you are warm in winter and cool in summer.

    Xo J

  3. greens. yum. homemade sourdough. yum.

    Still some greens and hardy edible things here in the north. Nice your new spot is already producing.

    On a tulip bulb planting tear - usually just a mixed dozed thrown in at last minute. This year a few hundred, considered types, from any place I could find them. Not sure why, but I'm craving a large batch in the spring. Going for a Old Masters/English Tulip Society vibe...

    Garlic needs to be planted too.



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