Thursday, September 24, 2015

Coming to rest

Unconsciously inspired (I figured it out afterwards) by plates of French snacks that my friends Stacey and Laura have been posting from Provence and Paris, I put together a Brooklyn collection to tide us over till dinner, last night. Also, I had skipped lunch.

New York Concord grapes, sausage from Los Paisanos, mutt olives, and Emmenthaler. As cosmopolitan as Carrol Gardens, minus the strollers. This is a neighborhood of young children and their parents, and old Italians. We like our new neighborhood very much, but find it, after Harlem and South Africa, very white. I miss the mix.

But we will always miss something about somewhere.

We sleep very well at night - as in, the whole night through. No thumps and bumps and crashes from below.

I am still getting used to the character of the outside space. A lot of windows look at us, from the houses opposite, whose backyards adjoin ours, so it is not a very private space. There is Rosa next door, who seems to watch every move. We'll see how that unfolds.

I'll write soon about garden things; there is a lot to tell.


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