Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Seeds have been sown. That's the easy part, really.

Sub tropical, all:

Nasturtium, purple pole beans, scarlet runner beans (saved from last year)
Cardinal vine, lablab beans, Malabar spinach (ditto)

Mostly things that go UP. For the birch screen.

A slow spring, but not unexpected. Hey, do you see the hot pink spot, bottom right? That is the Malabar spinach after soaking for a few hours. Fantastic colour.

Plant shopping is a challenge, locally, and there is mose def a niche for someone who wants to open a shop with interesting, well chosen plants for city spaces. Along the lines of GRDN Brooklyn. Except at night I'd turn it into a bar with botanically themed drinks and snacks.

And no, I'm not going to do it.

But I would be your best customer.


  1. Oh, PLEEEEEASE do it!

  2. My neighbor had been raving about nasturtium for the longest and he's going to give me some when they sprout. I can't wait! I've always wondered about those pretty leaves.

  3. I think that is a niche that could use filling in a lot of urban areas. We have a few decent places nearby - by which I mean within thirty minute walking radius - but then here on the far side of Cambridge we are already at the edge of the city where it begins to shade into suburb...

    1. Yeah...and you're lucky. I've worked in the business end of nurseries and a it's hard, hard way to make a living. Plants need constant attention, people are fussy. And yet when I walk into an inspired, intelligent, well-curated nursery, I am in heaven.

  4. Marie, next time you are in the hood, check out Livingston Manor. Just up the street from GRDN. Seasonal cocktails that I think you would enjoy with fresh ingredients.

  5. I can't wait to see the terrace in it's full glory!

  6. Some snail vine beans will be coming your way soon. And they will grow up, up and away......


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