Friday, March 27, 2015

Lunch for One, please

I visited the lovely Babylonstoren this week. In the shop were quinces, now ripening in South Africa at the end of a long and very hot, dry summer. 

After a morning in the gardens I sat beneath a passion fruit arbour and ordered a quick lunch for one in the Green House, the more casual of the two restaurants on the farm. My mom and I have a date at Babel, soon. 

The salad-in-a-jar was topped with a slice of persimmon, also beginning to ripen nearby.

 You build your own sandwich, and I chose biltong. Of course. 

Salad and coffee are my two standards for restaurants. If they are done badly, flee.  If they are good, everything inbetween will be excellent, too.


  1. What a lovely meal; the roll made me ache to bite into it. I feel a bit silly asking: what ARE those wonderful glass jars with glass lids used for the salad and the condiments? Are they available in the US?

    1. I have seen similar ones at Williams Sonoma. Usually used for preserving, making potted meats, pates, often with rubber seal and clips to clip the lid on tight. But for this use - salad, and vinaigrettes/condiments, the rubber and clips are not used. Here are similar:

    2. Thanks so much, Marie!

  2. That biltong sandwich almost gave me a heart attack... Wow.


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