Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring in Harlem

A phone snap sent to me by the Frenchman. Happy spring, Northeast, and sorry.

The bamboo corral on the right is a mobile experiment. Inside are two room air conditioners, very well wrapped in plastic and very unsightly. Till now, they have lived first in a back corner of the terrace, then beside our terrace door (a section that receives sun in spring and summer, hence valuable for plants).

Their original spot was recently invaded by The Beast, the Jora composter, so they were ousted. We never used an air conditioner last year (one advantage of the freezing winter house is that summer is bearable), and are not sure what to do with them. I don't like the bamboo (it was the fence we used to prevent Estorbo from throwing himself at Pebbles, his love interest one floor below).

Apart from getting rid of them altogether, one option is to find a tabletop to rest on them - weathered wood, stone - I can always use a prep area for dinners or gardening, and to wrap the bottom in something less eye catching than the strident bamboo poles.

Ideas welcome.
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