Friday, July 18, 2014

Wild at heart - a Cape winter forage

Supper, before orchestration. 

Wild leeks, three-cornered leeks, white bluebelll (Allium triquetrum - Mediterranean origin): buds and flowers, tubers and leaves. These invasive onions are similar to garlic chives in taste, and quite mild after cooking. They will feature in a cauliflower, suuring and curry leaf soup, topped with some curry leaf, coriander and mustard seed oil, and the sauteed buds.
Thistles (Sonchus oleraceus): a well known garden invader whose tender leaves are very slightly bitter. They will cook under some slow-roast leg of lamb, which is our main course, spiced with cardamom, cumin, black pepper and cinnamon.
Suuring ("souring," in Afrikaans; Oxalis pes-caprae - indigenous to the Western Cape) - chopped and stuffed inside the leg of lamb
Chickweed (Stellaria media - European origin) - the tender tips and leaves will be tossed in a watercress and roast carrot salad.


  1. Two of your dinner guests, who are dear to me and most discerning, said that your Wild Dinner was marvelous....


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