Sunday, July 13, 2014

Perfect winter

There are two kinds of days in a Cape Town winter: wet, and perfect.

The winter light on the perfect days is like light falling through shallow water in a blue lagoon. The sky is unmarked, the wind does not blow. It makes you wonder what winter means (it will remind you a few days later, when the cold rain floods the Flats and landslides slip from the moutainsides).

Yesterday was one of the perfect ones. We had lunch on the patio watching sunbirds and white eyes come and go, the corgis lying at our feet inbetween brief charges to the lawn to take care of sending dog messages to passing canines in the greenbelt below.


  1. How about the third kind, those with a splash of red, I forgot their name?

    1. The People :-)

      Rooibekkies (redbeaks). Common waxbills.


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