Sunday, July 27, 2014

The road

We drove 25 minutes from home, over Ou Kaapseweg.

The clouds were splitting and reknitting, after three days of continuous rain. 

We were heading for some lunch at the Cape Point Vineyards.

Lunch had a good view, good service, and good smoked yellowfin tuna. And otherwise very on the ball maitre d's who squeezed your shoulders affectionately (with both hand, either side) every time you asked them something. Table at the window? Squeeze. Pepper? Squeeze. Bill? Squeeze. I hated that. Someone has told them the customers like it. This customer wanted to bite their arms off. Do not be touching me...(is it just me?). My dad might say, As jy my daar vat, moet jy my trou. If you touch me there, you must marry me.

And then we drove home, again.

There will be more Cape Town posts, but they will be loaded from Harlem. I am leaving home. I am going home.

See you there.

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