Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wild salmon

Feeling full of pep after my gym session (I go every other day and am one month in...only about halfway through my workout do I stop resenting the fact that I am there), I stopped on my walk home and bought this slab of wild salmon as a treat. A treat because it is expensive, but I don't like the idea of farm-raised fish unless it is organic, and that is sometimes hard to come by. Then I picked up some oranges, which turned out to be the pretty Cara Cara ones, pink inside, and loads of lemons.

I pressed the citrus using the old fashioned method, and reduced the juice with ginger to form the basis of the sauce, which I later poured over the just-cooked fish in its hot pan. And the fish I seasoned only with soy, prior to searing skin side down and then sliding into a 400'F/200'C oven for a few minutes.

It was mouthmeltingly good.

Funny that eating fish has become a treat. It's a problematic resource.

- For two sites that help you determine how sustainable your fish-for-supper might be, visit the Sustainable Fish side bar at 66 Square Feet (the Food) -
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