Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the road again

We leave soon on Road Trip No. 2, starting in the Karoo National Park, with stops in Nieu Bethesda, and Rhodes, over the Sani Pass (highest in Africa, yee haw!), into parts as yet unknown, a (self catering) splurge at the Maliba Lodge in Lesotho, into the Golden Gate Park in the Eastern Free State, more parts unknown...but involving lush mountains and some semi desert.

We are on a budget and will be doing quite a bit of camping. So I have lists.

They start like this...



Currently this list ends with beer, with self-raising flour (for the beer bread we made last trip - see pic and recipe above) and avocadoes inbetween.


Big Knife


First Aid Kit
Torch (that's a flashlight to y'all, Stateside)

The Braai:(most cooking will be on a fire)


But the lists are long, long.

Jay and Guy have lent us their ammo boxes (yes folks, old ammunition boxes), which are very useful for our food, and, AND - the little fridge!!! So we have the teeny built-in fridge in the Landcruiser, between the seats, which accommodates juices or a bottle of wine, and theirs, which will be able to keep cool much, much more.

Thank you, Neighbours!~

I'm having to look at pictures of our camps in Nambia to see what we took with us. In the end we had good system in place, for quick set up and break down of camp. The first night was mayhem and tantrums. Then it got better.

Getting excited.
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