Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mayibuye, what it means

This is Miriam Makebe, who was banned in 1960 from her own country, South Africa, to return 30 years later. A cry at rallies has always been Mayibuye iAfrica...I thought of it last night.

Barack Obama can return the United States to itself. It has been a memory for too long. A myth, a romance, a bedtime story. More recently a story with which to scare small children.


  1. Mayibuye iAmerica. Viva the public holiday in Kenya today. Amandla!

  2. Perfect anthem for the day (I love Makeba's music). As I was watching the election returns last night, I thought of Mandela's election in 1994 and the huge party we had at a friend's home to celebrate. My husband and I were alone with the cats last night, but even sans party, this election, too, was history in the making, and the world celebrated.

    Mayibuye iAmerica ...



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