Tuesday, November 4, 2008


To think that one can go to bed on the night of the morning one woke up with Bush as president...one can go to bed with tears of joy.

Because of a dream.


  1. Let me be the first to comment. Errr... I'm speechless. :-)

    What an extraordinary thing when we can watch (good) history in the making.


  2. Ok let me be the second to comment then. ;-) And the third. Let's have a party!

  3. Come on over! Champagne's on ice!

  4. VIVA, VIVA, VIVA OBAMA!! This is just SO fantastic!! Champagne everywhere today.

  5. My eyes are leaking. Thankyou, America, for doing the right thing.
    Now...the hard work.
    But tonight - elation. (and bubbles)

  6. Last night, I turned my TV on CNN, I settled in front of it with a cup of hot liquid, watching Anderson Cooper (a guy I really like ;) and lasted... all of five minutes. I couldn't take the uncertainty. So I went to bed. This morning, before I even had a chance to peek, my mother announced in a choked voice: "WE HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT!"
    Duh. But I knew what she meant (ironic considering she's Canadian...) Even my 11 year-old son yelled Yoohoo! from his bed. This time, it really is:

  7. It's so good to be able to share pride and joy!!
    Obama rocks!!
    This is soooo great:-)

  8. Jane. Mayibuye iStates!

    Enjoy your extra days with the boys and my best wishes to your father.

    MIT- bubbles tonight, definitely.

    Sigrid - I was tempted, but glad I stayed up.

    NYAngel - how's the other side of the pond treating you?


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