Monday, November 10, 2008


In 2002 I wrote the following, as an introduction to an essay inspired by a visit to France, and about eating off the land in a modest way:

I want to corrupt the American lawn.

I want to take the strait-laced lawn of the suburbs and wet its lips with Martini-juice. I want to run my fingers through the middle-parted, morning-combed turf of the Long Island mansions and stir a longing in its loins. I want to take the working class grass square of backyards everywhere and drag silk lingerie across its stiff shoulders.

I want to introduce weeds.

And today in the City Room of the NYTimes I read this, a great little story.


  1. Marie,

    That was wonderful ... in praise of weeds!! We are big fans of weeds in our family: my husband, who has liver issues, takes dandelion and milk thistle (another weed!) to help support his health. Grow weeds ... yes!



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