Sunday, April 20, 2008

Look back in hunger

Reciting to Vince my instructions (loose ) for roasting a chicken, and explaining how to bake a chicken in salt - different topic - I went into my archives and found photographs of favourite dishes dating back to 2006. Many I cook often, staples, but a little differently each time as I tend not to write things down, which is stupid. So to console me in my hunger - it is still 2 1/2 hours till dinner - a retrospective:

Breakfast: the holy trinity of coffee, hot milk, and the weekend flapjack.

Lunch is hardly ever at home since I'm at work. So, aperitifs: Lillet

Kir royale

The old-fashioned dinner roll with butter

Soups: chicken, lime and ancho



Les salades: pancetta and ramp

Green bean and parsley

Tomato and onion

A vegetable love: mushrooms a la grecque

Baked potatoes

Potato gratin with cream and garlic

Shellfish: 911
Shortrib and red wine risotto

Roast chicken

Poussin baked in salt

Deboned, roast, stuffed chicken


Ouma's spicy lamb shanks

Lamb ribs, aka Bones

Mamma's fingerlickin' ribs

Gingerale pig

New York Strip with herb sauce

Break-the-bank porterhouse

Les confitures: Mrs Robertson's apricot jam

Marie's red currant, black currant and raspberry jam
Baked pears with bay leaves and red wine


  1. Well, that's it, you've turned my Sunday into a long, simmering, or maybe roasting food obsession. Now, I know this will sound daring to an extreme, but would you consider an attempt at malfatti? :-)

  2. Nope.

    Well...maybe, as a challenge. But Anna Klinger's are so good I would always want to go to Aldi La for them.

  3. LOL... look back in hunger. That's a good one.
    Oh, all this luscious meat. I love meat. It goes against my conscience but darn it I love meat.

  4. I agree Breeg. But I eat steak perhaps once every two months, and then it's an all-out splurge. Organic chicken features often, and often, too, just vegetables. The lambs and pigs scatterd in there are not frequent either. I agree that we SHOULD eat just plants, but as you say...yum.

  5. Yes I know, for three (3) portions of them, next time. But still, can you imagine the immense, exhilarating, unbeatable satisfaction of serving those yourself, in your own kitchen? To the best food critic in the world? With Estorbo as a waiter? :-)

  6. I thought Estorbo was the best food critic in the world? Malfatti are really just very large, soft pellets...

  7. So funny, I was thinking of doing a food retrospective this weekend as well. I'm glad I didn't - it would have come off as a pale knock-off of the Brooklynite South African with the flaming red top. I'm humbled. And I'm hungry.


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