Thursday, April 24, 2008

Long days

I started this blog a few days before my first Rose Party last year, so it's easy to remember that the Iceberg roses were in full bloom in the last week of May, 2007. This year, they have already begun to open, and will probably bloom fully in two weeks' time. The April days feel distinctly June-ish, and I am clinging possesively to cool evening breezes and the promise of temperatures in the 60's Fahrenheit. July cannot stay away long enough.

Last weekend's (it feels like last year's, this week has been so full) corydalis has settled into its pot happily, sharing with a chatreuse liriope ("Pee Dee Ingot" - uncomfortable name), a violet and three lilies already risen to ten inches. I think they are Formosas. The corydalis up close looks very Alien. Sigourney should grow them in her garden...

While I was watering this evening, a mockingbird, left, duked it out with a kestrel on the aerials across the road.

Two weeks ago I took this picure and labelled it Lily. Um. No, it was in fact the beginnings of the Veronicastrum I planted last, late summer.

That's not a bad growth spurt. Twelve days, sixteen inches.

The way the catnip looks at the end of an unattended day. And the reason little pots are a high maintenance pain. No, I like watering them. It's a good feeling.

The scary roses. I'm not really ready for them.

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  1. Love the alien flower. Very evocative. But I should've known, since I saw Sigourney once around here... ;-)


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