Sunday, December 23, 2007

Harbour House, Kalk Bay

The view from our table (#83) at Harbour House, at lunch today. One of my favourite places, anywhere. You'd think that good seafood restaurants abound in Cape Town, but that is not the case. Harbour House is what a restaurant on top of the sea should be - bright, airy, consistently well-staffed, both on the floor and in the kitchen, meaning that the service is good and what one eats is delicious. That combination makes for an extremely happy lunch.

We're not sure what this guy was doing*, but it looked interesting. [Ed. 01/13/08 - according to Steve Pike's article in The Weekend Argus, January 12th, this is Stand Up Paddling, fresh(ish) from Hawaii].

Looking towards towards Simonstown.

Above, my mom and I were a bit worried when this arrived: the return of nouvelle cuisine?

...then that arrived...

...from there, below: one and a half Cape crayfish (actually spiny lobster but here they are called crayfish) each, a big piece of very good kabeljou (a local linefish), prawns with heads on and mussels.

Happy campers.

The wine? Since clearly we'd had some...Haute Cabriere's Chardonnay Pinot Noir.


  1. So strange, the last photo looks like it was taken somewhere in Italy or Greece...

  2. Glad to see that the twinkle has not left Maureen's eyes - you seem to have this knack of making her very happy!

  3. You two look so perfectly at home - good food, and wine right in front of you. :-)


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