Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas in Cape Town

Um...where's the snow?

Usually, we unwrap presents while we're having Christmas bread, a ringshaped, dried cherry and raisin and nut-stuffed, cinnamon-spicy loaf that comes from the oven hot enough to melt the butter we slather on it. It is accompanied by tea and champagne. Things change, and this is the first year NO ONE in our family has wanted to go to St George's Cathedral, so we skipped breakfast altogether (except for my usual bowl of coffee, drunk after a Skype call to Vincent in cold Vancouver), and unwrapped presents at lunch outside on the patio. We still had bubbly. Too much change is unhealthy.

Hmmm, Serrano ham and melon...

The hugely popular henbag, bought at Pylones by Vince on our evening of shopping in SoHo.

Tonight, another change, we have dinner with our friend Marlene at my brother Francois'. His wife Merle has been preparing a mystery mousse for days. I will miss our flower-filled and candlelit dining room, restored a couple of times of year to its designated function - used the rest of the time by my dad as an extended study. When Vince is here maybe we'll invade it for a proper dinner.

When Vince is Here. Good title...


  1. Did someone say "butter"?

    But you're right, too much change is unhealthy and bubbly holds traditions together. I, for instance, really look forward to bubbly by the open trunk of a car, on the side of a trail, no, correction, in the middle of a trail... ;-)

  2. No one said Butter...

    It's a done deal, son. The loan of Mogashagasha is confirmed! Complete with fridge for the bubbly...

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