Monday, December 17, 2007

Chicken on a Hill

Actually, it's Chicken in Terminal 4, Heathrow, sans cell reception or a spot to plug my computer in. Grrr.

So I'm waiting to be fetched by Robin and Eileen who always help my long layover between New York and Cape Town pass happily - today at The Hind's Head. Can't wait. Interminable wait at JFK because of a stuck container in our hold, so we're here not quite as sparrow-farty as we would have been. I'm staring from my Starbucks perch at a bunch of English limo drivers waiting for passengers - they look just like their New York counterparts whom I had occasion to study at JFK while waiting for Vince...last week.

So here's my chicken on a hill. Yesterday I felt like spinach. No I did not look like spinach. One small poussin. One pound of spinach from the Borough Hall farmers' market (it was so cold the spinach as icy, so heavy..maybe it was less than one pound. Three Meyer lemons' juice (the lemons were a Christmas gift from Natalie - good gift), garlic cloves sliced under and over. 350' oven for 45 minutes, done.

See, the hill turns into a swamp after a while. Add a little water to keep it from sticking...


  1. Posting a recipe from Heathrow, now that's what I call dedication! Or boredom?

  2. By the way, I've only got a $200 oven, can I still cook it? ;-)

  3. I have a $60 oven, dude...:-)

    Yup, you can make it.

  4. It was a... valuable recipe... ;-)


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