Friday, April 28, 2017

Spring salad

Spring is happening all at once. Foraging is in full swing, and so is the garden. In this wild salad are a collection of ephemeral wild foods: tender violet leaves, winter cress, jewelweed seedlings, ground elder (goutweed), sheep sorrel (actually, that's around all year) and garlic mustard. Strong flavours.

I must post garden pictures, soon (I think I need an intern - but I am terrible at delegating). I am taking hundreds of pictures, all of which need sorting, categorizing, editing. More time, please.

The violets in the garden are almost over, the Solomon's seal has opened its bell flowers, ostrich ferns have fluffed out, the near black Persian fritillaria look beautiful, the purple elder shrub has already set buds, and the Trump Tulips are nearing the end of their appropriately loud season.

Spring forage walks: there are two spots left on the Central Park walk on May 20th, and there is still space left on the recently added Inwood Hill Park Walk. See below for booking.


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