Friday, June 10, 2016

Sidewalk garden tour

Before they disappear from the June streets, a quick look at some nearby rose gardens within a 10 minute walk (I walk fast and have long legs) from home. Above, a block from the Gowanus Canal.

This (above and below) is Carroll Street again (it featured in a recent Gardenista story I wrote), the particularly garden-rich block just east of Smith.

And my old favourite, what I call the Gowanus Garden, started and still cared for by Kirstin Tobiasson.

Below, a perfect plant for naturalizing on a hardscrabble sidewalk where hand watering is a forgotten dream, Lysimachia punctata is beautiful but also invasive. Liatris in the background (left) will bloom soon, and the yucca spikes seem taller every year.

Dachshund point of view:

And the Gowanus Canal itself, a few feet away from the garden. White scummy stuff pouring from a pipe in the background is held back behind a floating pollution barrier. When I moved to Brooklyn that skyline did not exist. 

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