Friday, September 25, 2015

Fall garden tips

I have two autumn gardening pieces on Gardenista this week.

One is about fall-beautiful perennials, to inspire a small move away from mum monoculture. Above, Vernonia photographed on the High Line. Read the story here: Fall Flowers

The second is one of my favorite topics - cool-season edible plants, especially pertinent right now as I prepare the neglected and uber-weedy in-ground beds I have inherited here on 1st Place.

Above - rainbow chard grown on the rooftop of the original 66 Square Feet. And yesterday I sowed more salads: mesclun, mustard, arugula and radishes.

It is rewarding always to include images from my edible gardening experiments - the picture of the arugula shows our first crop, here in Carroll Gardens, above (we ate this bunch last night, wilted in a warm potato salad).

Follow the link to see what other greens are best sown now, or in spring: The New Vegetable Garden.


1 comment:

  1. Salad greens grown in the fall always seem crispier and more flavorful to me. Garden on!


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