Sunday, February 7, 2010

Catch up

On Saturday I:

- gave a talk and slideshow on New York gardens
- deboned, stuffed and trussed two chickens
- (literally) threw together two pizzas for lunch
- went with my dad and Vince to the brand new Cape Town Stadium for the first rugby match ever played there, for the stadium's second, 40,000 thousand 'test' pre-FIFA World Cup: we were all bussed to the stadium from our parking - and it was faultless. I was wide-eyed with admiration for the organization. Lengthy post to follow. It will be the only sports post ever on this blog.
- braaied 3 kinds of boerewors for supper, made a salad and heated a Woolworths malva pudding

Today I will be:

- layering small cocottes with fresh pesto, aioli, tomato sauce and tapenade, as a starter for a lunch for eleven that was supposed to be under the tree. But it is raining.
- shredding lamb shoulders cooked overnight for Nigella's lamb salad
- roasting deboned, stuffed, trussed chickens
- eating said lunch
- blogging. I hope.


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