Monday, September 28, 2009

Wholefoods gets a sense of humour

Wild caught swordfish.

As opposed to WHAT?



  1. uh, not farmed, like the boring, environmentally nasty farmed salmon?

  2. MFK ( in Fisher! - auspicious letters) - yes, I thought so too. It really made me wonder. And...on sale? I don't want fish that is on sale!

    Karen, wahahahahahahaha.

    Paula, imagine all those pointy-nosed swordfish being coralled.

  3. You can buy fresh Pacific Northwest salmon online at the Pike Place Market. It can be shipped to you. At least it's not that horrible farmed fish.

  4. 12 bucks a pound for Swordfish? Dude, if I'm spending 12 bucks a pound on something, it would be lobster, not swordfish.

  5. I know a place that sells fresh goats' milk.

  6. There's great bread shop near here, too.


  7. hmmm... coop caught roasted chiken breast, it's pretty obvious...

  8. Furthermore, what's with "product of USA & Canada"? Which one is it? I'd like to know, eh? Besides, weren't they caught way outside of our territorial waters?

    Any way, just wanted to ask if the Pike Place Market has a branch in NYC. They could throw Yankee Stadium 'dogs.

  9. Beence it was clearly a swordfish with dual nationality.


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