Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two evenings in September

What are you doeen' orp there?

Looking at the figs.

And the rose, opening...

What are you looking at?


And fennel.

And the third and fourth ripe figs.

...with bubbly wine.

And the moon.

And a toad in the rubbish bins downstairs!

And the roses open on the second evening.

And the moon, farther toward the east.

And the fennel.


  1. Our sky was a similar mix of blues and pinks at moonrise tonight, and the moon was so pale I almost missed it at first.

    I'm intrigued by your city toad.

  2. Oooh, are the pink roses a David Austin variety?

  3. Do you ever say to yourself "Please Dear [fill in blank with your personal higher power], freeze this moment and let me never leave this place and time?" Such beauty!

  4. your figs look fabulous and tasty. my little fig tree,planted with so much hope in 2005,is now about 15 feet tall and i can't reach the freaking figs. maybe i can train the birds to pick them for me al la disney.

  5. this was just beautiful marie. i really channeled don estorbo in those quiet moonrise, fennel moments. i wish i could sit in the don's seat for real for a few minutes and enjoy life the way you seem to. and your figs look incredible and lusciously figgy!

  6. m - yes, the light was beautiful, looking forward to more tonight. the toad...I've never seen one before. he was very sweet, and seemed to like the empty trashcan with some water in it.

    Fern , Abraham Darby :-)

    Pam...yes, actually I do :-)It's precious.

    flwrjane - those figs are yummy, though I would not mind a fifteen footer. Ladder? Special fig cutter on pole?

    Hi Bonbon - Thank you :-) may we schedule an It drop off? Will you be fleaing?

  7. this reads as and has the spirit of a child's pure and playful life. thank you for this little mixed media poem! a child's book in the making....


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