Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trump SoHo

The unpopular Trump building on Spring Street, west of SoHo, taken from a cab from Tribeca yesterday. Old bones from a 19th century burial vault, a construction worker killed, sub par constuction methods and a shady Russian investor make it just another New York skyscraper.


  1. I don't think Trump is known for quality, but more so a glitzy, 80s type, faux gold plating, rectangles in the sky kind of thing. I work across the street from his black and gold tower on Columbus Circle. Its a byewt.

    Lucky SoHo

  2. And the aesthetics are on a par with Mr Trump's fabled synthetic hairdo...

  3. You know what they say about money doesn't necessarily buy good taste...

  4. oh that donald. more reasons to know how much he sucks.


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