Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Roof garden lawn

From my early schematic on paper to real lawn under my toes...nine months.

I am rather happy with how this rooftop garden turned out.

I checked on it today as we have some pests on the beech trees - spider mites - and took the opportunity to walk barefoot on the soft, lush lawn. In the idea above, I had more gravel planned for a kitchen garden, but the owner preferred more grass, and so the main herb and fruit area became green.

I wish this box hedge, below, would grow faster...but we will wait.

To help the lawn along I've been a bit of a lawn Nazi myself (not the kind that advocates ripping out lawn and replacing it with vegetables) and am insisting on a plank for the next couple of weeks. No squishing!

Now it needs a serious trim. The smell of cut grass on the 12th floor.


  1. That looks beautiful! So thanks to you, New York is starting to look like Babylon? :)
    I love the fact that you made it all rectangular. Seems to me that it suits NY very well.

  2. I thought as a Lawn Nazi (term coined?) you were asking people to walk the plank!

    Toes in grass indeed. My grass post is late in coming...

  3. Swooning over the weathered water tank, the idea of walking barefoot on lush grass high above all that concrete, close to the sky...

  4. thanks for the inspiration.and for raising the bar so high! tho' i'm a florist, gardener,former chef and all around domestic goddess,you present your life so beautifully,i'm both exhausted and excited to sign on every day (or several times a day to be honest and to know there is someone out there doing it more than right.

  5. Beautiful! What a great career you have.

  6. That roof garden is stunning. You must be delighted at its sucesss

  7. ah, a safe place to go barefoot in the grass. this is a really striking design & execution. it is great to have a look in.

    what is the glass thing on the "floor"? is it a skylight to below?

  8. HI Martin - yes, I was rather rigid with layout :-) I'm doing my best with Project Babylon :-)

    Frank - Ha! Indeed. Look forward to your grass opining. Way too much bitching going on these days about it. I mean, I get it, but c'mon...moderation, common sense, pleasure. You can't pitch a tent in the vegetable patch. Or lie on the zucchini gazing at the stars.

    Hi m. t really did feel like an illicit pleasure!

    flwrjane- hello, and thank you. Sounds like time you started a blog!

    Pam - it's afun job. Not really a job at all.

    Hen - thank you! You can visit it

    Donna - guess what...there is a darg...

  9. arg, a darg. the grass will not be safe for long.

  10. that looks lovely and must feel wonderful under the tootsies! two questions present themselves: what does one mow a rooftop lawn with? and, if the d.a.r.g. has access to the lawn, presumably he/she will want to "use" said lawn...can such a shallow lawn sustain being peed and pooped on?

  11. Paula - it remains to be seen...A previous "doggy lawn" installed specifally for two Yorkies, has to be re-patched every now and then. This darg is walked regularly, so I'm hoping we'll be ok.

    We use nail clippers for the lawn :-)

    Weed wacker or old fashioned push-mower


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