Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dry Martini

These are especially good for the tail-end of days when you feel that the pawpaw is about to hit the fan, but you just cannot predict when.

His 'n hers. Mine is actually the small one.


  1. to be served, no doubt, with a healthy side of duck-and-cover.
    been tippling the sloe gin myself of late. . .

  2. I dunno... I think it's photoshoped. Digital artists have no respect these days. ;-)

  3. My pawpaw is awfully close to said fan. I bought a bottle of Prosecco this week, inspired by you. Haven't opened it yet.

  4. Melanie - did you make it? Sounds awfully good.

    Beence...blablabla :-)x

    m...we should take care with our pawpaws. Or our fans. Tricky one. Yum, bubbles.

    Lily H - you're welcome. Next year.

  5. My favourite wine glass, sole survivor of a set, is small-ish.The Man just says it's my excuse for refills!

  6. Marie, your blog is always a welcome haven at the end of my hectic days with 5th graders. Now I'm inspired to make the martini to have while I read the blog...then I won't care what speed the fan is when the pawpaw hits it.......and if I have enough of them I won't KNOW when the pawpaw hits it!

  7. Dinahmow - I've just bought some beautiful, large wine glasses, just two. Problem is they take so much wine it disappears fast and then you feel deprived. Small is better.

    Susan - nice to know. My hat's off to you with five graders all day!


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