Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It wasn't until Saturday evening that we ate at Alma on Columbia Street - I've been meaning to for a long time: just drinks and some appetizers, as we were having a real dinner at home, which was just as well.

The view is a killer, semi-industrial one of Manhattan and Jersey across the harbour - but the guacamole at this Mexican restaurant was bland, made with under ripe avocadoes, under- seasoned, no hint of lime or lemon, or even salt and...well. A waste. What more to say.

The ceviche was a collection of shrimp and scallops in a sweetish tomato soup that tasted like the kind of canned cocktail sauce that comes with those skating rink-sized platters of shrimp served in certain establishments and on game night. I'm told.

I'm dying for a simple ceviche where the fish is very fresh and made even better by citrus juice, take your pick; a herb, take your pick; and simple seasoning or a spice, take your pick.

I wouldn't go back to eat the real food, which is sad, as it's a great rooftop and so many reviews were good. But if the basics are treated with this carelessness, why would the main dishes be any different? I liked my margarita, with cucumber, and Vince's beer tasted just like beer.

Which was quite reassuring.

Tonight I'm making guacamole. With slow-cooked pig.


  1. Funny, I never knew there was pig in guacamole...

  2. Can't wait for dinner recollection. The ceviche idea sounds wonderful-simple ingredients to highlight fresh seafood. My mouth is watering. Wow, your site is like food & garden porno.

  3. my ceviche=sea scallops, lime juice, red onion, cilantro, cayenne pepper...yes!! that place sounds quite disappointing but the view was certainly spectacular.

  4. Apparently there's pig in bullets!


    I can't say this for sure, but your first bad review?

  5. Sigrid harharhar :-)

    Paula - dinner postponed. No ripe avocadoes!!!

    Paula - thank you. That's what I'm sayin'.

    Frank, great pig link. My friend, I am a critical person. My blog is so one-sided and rose-tinted. My dilemma is, what is the point (actually, that really IS My Dilemma)...but about bad reviews, I mean. Who cares? Yackyackyack. The dead pork (sorry, bulleted pig)ribs I ate at Pete's Ale house a few weeks ago still rankle. You've never eaten such dishonest food...

  6. Alma always intrigued, but I never stepped in. Now I won't. But you did get me to Lil Frankies, Stinky, and probably another place or two. Trust your judgement.
    Keep it up;)


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