Thursday, September 18, 2008

Roast Chicken with Crispy Skin

When in doubt, roast a chicken.

...or half a chicken. I didn't need a whole chicken. And this way you get even crispier skin! So here is $6 worth of organic chicken. I'm in comparison-mode, so am very interested in varying organic prices.

On some sliced potatoes I put my chicken, sliced down the middle. Between the bird and the tubers I put a bunch of terrace herbs: parsley, sage, summer savoury and lemon- and regular thyme. As well has half a shallot. Squeezed half a lemon over the chicken, salted and peppered it, added a little slosh of water to the pan for juices later, and put it in a hot, 425'F oven. About 50 minutes, adding a bit of water to help the potatoes cook and to keep its consistency creamy. This (and no other roast chicken, I find) needs no oil, no butter. The chicken fat makes everything delicious and crisp. No basting, either.

Let it rest under lightly covering foil for about 8 minutes afterwards. The difference between unrested and rested chicken - or any roast meat - is surprisingly great. The foil is loose so that steam escapes. If it doesn't, your crisp skin goes limp.

Leftovers are good for pilaffs (rice, onion, garlic, herbs, stock), salads (vinaigrette, raw red onion, raisins), fricassees (roux, egg yolk, lemon juice, cream), sandwiches (uh...).

PS The Internet is back thanks to the cat.


  1. "Sandwiches(uh...)" Butter. Some bread. Butter.

  2. This looks yummy. I will have to make it. Welcome back!


  3. Beence - no, silly! Mayonnaisse.

    Thank you Pritha!

  4. What an amazing looking meal, and so easy to put together. I fear no leftovers in our household! x


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