Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September garden: anemones, calamintha and geraniums

While meeting this morning in a garden we planted a month ago I could not help snapping some pictures of the very happy anemones (Anemone tomentosa "Robustissima"). It is not a happy garden, I think, as far as people go - but sometimes that is just how it is. I felt a little silly capering like a baby goat amongst the bees and flowers while everyone else was fighting about sightlines. Guilty, somehow.

This picture is for my mother. Hello Mommy! Calamintha nepeta. It does not look like a weed! And it has been blooming like this for over a month. Which makes it outstanding, in my book. Bees love it. It has a penetrating pepperminty smell which would perk a bedtime bath up.

And here is Geranium 'Victor Reiter'. Blooming quite happily in September. It is a loose but ethereal perennial with these gorgeous, up-looking flowers, also much-visited by fat bees loaded with pollen. We have it in a couple of other gardens, too.


  1. I have lots of geraniums in my garden, they have great flowering potential. I now really want some nepeta in the garden too. x

  2. Yes, Louise, I am falling in love with geraniums. And it is Calamintha, actually, not nepeta...a bit confusing. It is a wonderful plant.


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