Wednesday, September 10, 2008


More from Granville Island. Can you tell I like the place? And I will be back there on Friday because that is when the duck prosciutto arrives...

I can't find these in New York. They look like big grenadillas, or passion fruit, with a beautiful daisy-reduction design-detail at the tip of shell (can a round shell have a tip?).

I was expecting an interior like a lychee, but found this, ah, suggestive flesh...

Beautiful. Texture of segments: delicately firm on the outside, very soft on the inside. The larger segments contained a pip. The flavour?...not comparable to anything I have eaten. Sweet, yes, slightly astringent, a little flowery. Exactly the kind of thing I would like to serve au naturelle on a platter of tropical fruits after a hands-on feast of black-bean, stir-fried crab.

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  1. those photos are beautiful. The first one especially. Now that makes me want to dye some yarn in those colors.


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