Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fresh Figs

...and Prosecco.

After peeling and eating my first terrace fig of 2008 I decided that waiting a year to do so again had been worth it.

The skin had a soft, velvetty, eminently bruisable texture that I have not found in store-bought figs. How can they possess it?: it was at the perfect point of ripeness, eaten not two minutes after being picked from its small branch (one minute was needed to pour the Italian bubbly - it was Friday after all)...

Like honey.


  1. The photo of the 3 figs and glass is very "nature morte", very nice... Are there any ants on your figs?

  2. I heard ants pollinate the figs... I also read that there is a fig wasp? Either way... that means you had an insect in your fig?

  3. Vince - I don't know...are there ants on yours???

    Rainey - the common fig has all-female fruit an requires no pollination.


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