Sunday, August 26, 2007

We Know this Place

There is a dipping
dipping dipping
and a rising tide

Light slides from the bricks outside
and four o’clock
the gangplank
poised above deep black

The tipping of the pliable
a teasing bounce
The embarkation point, noon

A potted boxwood in terracotta
seems to keep the whole afloat
an object anchoring a body
whose last desire is to be cut loose

Cleave my chest open at sunset
expose the architecture within
and diagnose this:

A lusting for and leaning toward
light, of which we were deprived
deprived deprived

1 comment:

  1. Nice!!! You write like a real seaman. Well, seawomen. The gangplank, I haven't heard that word in such a long time. Most people use gangway, much less romantic.

    But what I love above all is the contrast: one minute, talking about tools and fixing dishwashers, the next, there is dipping, and a rising tide...

    I hope the sun has finally risen for you today... :-)


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