Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ready to Go

I have had an old beat up, solid as a rock, navy blue suitcase since the day I left South Africa. Circa July 1994. That is my justification!
Flight 001 on Smith Street is the super-designed luggage store with the shopping bags so cool I would buy stuff just to get the bags, which are silver and insulated and Marijke scored two extra ones when we were there in June, and they're still waiting for the picnic duck I had decided they were perfect for; I've bought Mimi a bag there for Giao's baby-things, and Marijke, too, which she swapped for a better one (they still have that orange computer bag, Marijke - I wish they'd stock a bigger one so I can get it for me. I still need one.) Knowing that I'm flying South soon, for a couple of weeks, I knew that I didn't want to drag the Heavy Indestructable with me. And it's ugly. I'm tired of Thought occurs: is it bad luck to change suitcases at this point in my life? NO! NO! It's good luck. Anyway, so sometimes, back from the subway, I vary my route to go along Smith Street and past the luggage store. And a few days ago I walked past and there was the suitcase in the window. I looked at it. I ignored it, I walked on. Today I walked in, found the floor model at the back of the shop, lifted it, and popped it open. Love at second sight. Oh joy. Look what colour it is!!! I looked at the price. I justified it at once by telling myself I had just sent back the boots that cost half as much and that I wouldn't eat lunch out again this year... and bought it. Stress free shopping. Know what you want, see what you want, take aim and fire.'s perfect.
Tomorrow the Indestructable will go out on the sidewalk and thence to a new life. The sidewalk is where I found my three sweet blue suitcases, nesting inside each other, and in their case the genuine thing. Daisy, above, is a reproduction. But they have traveled too, and when sedentary they serve as my winter storage unit, keeping cashmere-eating things out of my sweaters. And when she's back home again, that's exactly what Daisy will have to do.


  1. "Know what you want, see what you want, take aim and fire." Hmm, I've heard that before. In fact my ears are still ringing... ;-) Very nice inside color, you're going to want to pack and unpack once a day... ;-)

  2. Jislaaik Marie - it's perfect. 100% you.
    Incidentally I'm still loving my (your) bag - at first it felt too stylish, but now that it's done the rounds (had a few light loads of shopping, carried botanical books to clients, had a few camera excursions, been to yoga) it feels like an extension of my right arm. Love it. Guess I'm a total materialist - I like Beautiful Things.

  3. Sorry about the ears, Vince...:-)))

    M: I like Beautiful Things, too. Sometimes they can be quite character-building, or is it extending...I'm so glad you're loving your bag!!

    See you next week!

  4. bon voyage to you and daisy!

  5. Merci, Dianne! We still have a weekend in NYC to get to know one another. Now I'm terrified Daisy is s pretty she'll get stolen. That certainly wasn't an issue with the Indestructable...


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