Monday, August 20, 2007

More Food. I cracked.

OK, self-imposed one week ban on food is OVER. Friday's single shrimp does not count...Momofuku (The Peach), on 1st Ave and 10th Street. Noodle bar. The broth for the ramen is incredible. You sit at a bamboo bar in front of the kitchen, so you see everything, so it's perfect for people, like me, with voyeuristic tendencies. Actually, that's nonsense. I prefer being in on the action, not the sidelines! And here you are.

Shredded slow roast pork belly, ramen, fresh peas, kombu, bok choy. Chris says the peas are very hard to eat with chopsticks...uh: spoon???, ginger, seaweed. Shame, they were very sweet. I felt a bit bad about murdering them. The white stuff is unfiltered sake, not milk!

And food porn. Braised pork again, on steamed buns with pickled cucumber.


  1. AAHHH food porn - there's nothing like it. And for the record, I was so distracted by talk of a certain Canadian that I didn't think of scooping up the peas with my spoon. :-) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. I don't know what eff you are talking about. And stop drooling.


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