Thursday, August 9, 2007

6 Poems and Ajo blanco

Someone asked me recently on a high floor in a rainstorm whether I was always so....Optimistic? I asked, suspiciously (I think I'd been laughing a lot). No, he said...Positive.

The question threw me, because I do not perceive my self (two words) that way at all. If anything, the opposite. I am acquainted with darkness. But I keep it private (an-d that! folks, is why she has a buh-log? Yes, I am aware, I am aware - we are talking about contradictions here). The impression I give is sunny, engaging: positive. It interests me, this split. It has always fascinated me that the person within (all of us) can be so apparently dissimilar to the person perceived. So to set his mind at rest (or is it mine?), here are (at least plant/terrace/Brooklyn- related, so I'm not too far off-topic [again!]), poems, to prove that, yes, I too, have doubts - some published, some not. The poems, not the doubts. Although it holds true for both.

Apricot jam via FedEx for guessing which are which. Hm. I've just read them again. Maybe I am sunny and positive. At least I desire to be. A readiness to be pleased? Crushing disappointment when not?


  1. Well, I really wanted the apricot jam but I couldn't even guess what to guess...

    In any case, my favorite:

    Shakes its head
    on the terrace
    where early summer is a jungle
    whose cartographer
    has missed the ship
    whose intricate maps
    of the place
    will be discovered in a strongbox somewhere
    preserved from mould
    and brought home with her bones

    A little dark maybe, but hey, darkness knows itself... ;-)

  2. I think it's interesting that you do think you have such distinct differences between your public face and your personal truth. Just my opinion, but I do think you're an optimist. However you have a practical and intelligent way of viewing events & people that surround you. All that being said - thank you for sharing your poems. I've known you well over a year and these are the first I've been allowed to read!

  3. So Chris-hop-thopher thinks I'm an optimisist (I think I resist the notion because people with perennially perky personalities give me the heebie jeebies. It's like they're not getting it: the fact that, Nothing means anything, dude!...thunder in background. But on the flipside, I do find enourmous enjoyment in life...which has its own flipside). I guess I'm going to have to live with it. Yeah, it's a bizarre way to do it, too ("sharing" poems), isn't it - kind of promiscuous? And I preserve you from the darkest. The little wrist-sawing numbers.

    So what do I do with the jam???


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