Friday, March 31, 2023

Wisteria Syrup and Sake Popsicles

You need sake popsicles... 

One of my more inspired ideas, I made them for the first time back at 1st Place, where we had a huge old wisteria vine. To make them you need, well, sake (I like a cloudy one - so look for Nigori). You also need wisteria syrup for the flowers' unique perfume and flavor. They're still a month off from blooming in Brooklyn, but in this long, crazy country, they are already in bloom further south.

Find my recipe for wisteria syrup and the popsicles on Gardenista, and also (a slightly different version) in Forage, Harvest, Feast. 


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  1. First I need to be honest ... I like looking at (and smelling) wisteria, but I dispise the "bush" that my neighbor grows on our property line. It has no structural support, so it sprawls all over itself and the nicer shrubs nearby - well, at least on her side. I have hacked my side back until it's flat above the line. Guess this year, I shall sneak out in the dark of early morning and pluck some flowers to make into syrup. A wee cocktail sounds pretty good! Thanks!

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