Monday, June 20, 2022

The bay tree that asked to come in

Our bay tree moved indoors! It is the tree in my migrating collection that has received the least attention and yet it has also been the least trouble. 

Anyway, despite being moved outdoors every spring this year the decision was made to reverse the process, for its own good. The bay tree wants to be inside. The story, with tips on growing bay indoors as well as root-pruning the potted tree is on Gardenista. With a very simple but delicious recipe for the fresh leaves. I use them a lot.



  1. Lovely seeing your bay tree. I moved my 5- year- old outdoors in NJ too soon and killed her. I haven't found a replacement as my local nurseries aren't carrying bay laurel. Maybe a NYC farmer's market?
    You saved your bay by keeping her inside! How right to reverse the process!

    1. Sorry about your tree! Mine actually did come from the Union Square greenmarket. You can check the GrowNYC website to see what vendors sell on what days.

  2. I have a young plant on my porch. I encourage it every time I pass it. 🌱


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