Monday, June 6, 2022

Avocado ice cream


And it's not sweet, either. It is creamily smooth and tart with a little tingle. (An MFK Fisher story does come to mind, though - about a man who ate his avocado packed neatly with powdered it could be sweet. But I digress.)

If you like avocados, you will lap this up. And if you have a bowl of chilled gazpacho or cucumber soup, dropping a scoopful of the avocado ice cream into the middle is life-altering.

The necessary sour notes come from buttermilk and lemon juice, and the tongue-tingling from Sichuan pepper, or, in this case, prickly ash, its American cousin. My little tree is male so does not produce the "peppercorns" that are Sichuan pepper, but its leaves are very flavorful. 

I wrote a story about prickly ash and another native American herb-slash-spice, spicebush, for Gardenista. And that is also where you will you will find the divine and very easy avocado ice cream recipe.


June 16, Alley Pond Pond Walk

5.30pn - 7.30pm

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